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3L Summer Workshops: Our Voices, Our Community, Our History


3L Summer Workshops brought together a group of 9 queer people of color for a period of 6 weeks to explore art making as a mode of activism. Over the course of 6 weeks we focused on working in mediums associated with historical documentation; writing, print-media and  bookmaking.


Often times as Queer people, and specifically as Queer people of color, our stories are told from an outsider's perspective. This series of workshops functions as a vehicle for the reclamation of one’s own image, voice and personal history. We aim to emphasize the power and importance of personal narratives and primary source accounts whilst building and expanding upon a collective Queer archive.


Workshop Participants: Chance Ramirez, J.M. Conway, Cristian Gorostieta, Neomara Serges, Ariel Zetina, Midori Bowen, Benjamin Serrano, Jerome Kendrick and Jacky Brooks

Workshop Organizers:Amina Ross, NIC Kay, Allie Shyer and Veronica Stein 

Teaching/ Visiting Artists: H. Melt, Joel Mercedes, Ashley McClenon, Anthony Romero, Oli Rodriguez, Emily Schulert, Molly Berkson, Kiam Marcelo Junio and Rashayla Brown  


For more works and writings made during 3L Summer Workshops view 3rd Language: Queer Lineage & Archive (II) for free online


3L Summer Arts Intensive: Community, Art & Technology


Summer of 2014 we explored how marginalized peoples can/ have and are using technology in order to transcend oppression via the creation of alternative realms and/or alter lived experience. 


We ask: What are the ways we can utilize the tools around us to describe, alter, shift, cope, and transcend our realities?


During this time we worked to develop collectively a learning environment that is non hierarchical and affords opportunities for all present to both teach and participate. Despite the primary focus of digital technologies and mediums we worked  hands on, with analog technologies, paper-based techniques, bookbinding and zine making.


Intensive Participants: Amanda Gutierrez, Cassie Hamrick, Sean Estelle, Cristian Gorostieta, Jesse Todd, Aymar Jean, Jacky Brooks and Jill Kuanfung


Teaching Artists: NIC Kay, Amina Ross, Emily Schulert





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